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Challenging and addictive block puzzle game – Welcome to Lucky Wood Block.
This game is easy to play and enjoyable for all ages. It’s a game that’s a lot of surprises to wait for to explore and more special than others.
You can play anytime and anywhere! We really hope you can enjoy it! Come and join us.
How to play:
Drag your blocks to your 10×10 board
Fill the blocks with a horizontal or vertical line to eliminate the ination and reach the goal
★ It cannot be removed after placing the block on the board
The game will end if there is no space on the board of the given blocks
More Try your best to clear more levels and become a master of wood block removal.
Classic mode.
One Use your best skills and strategy to score as much as possible in one round.
Game Pure game environment : No stress and no deadlines
Layer mode.
★ Multiple and different level designs
Ful is a powerful and interesting item
You delete more lines than the higher reward you will get
Challenges mode.
Exciting gameplay, despite multiple obstacles, removes as many blocks as possible to get more points.
More Get more points and win huge prizes.
Refresh your highest record and compete with other masters
★ General rules and comfortable control
Three modes: Classic, Level and Challenges
Different levels of design, powerful and interesting tools to satisfy your infinite report about gameplay.
Refresh your highest record and compete with other masters.
Everything is free!
Long weekly updates guaranteeing long-term gameplay experience
Please enjoy this block puzzle game! More play and more exciting !!!

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