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Close screen
Lock screen password
This lock screen app has a beautiful lock screen with lots of water droplets.
This application password protects your phone. You can touch the water droplets to give your passcode and feel the animation
Water drops naturally.
When locking the screen, some applications do not lock the home button function, back, this recent application can do it.
We support many types of lock screens:
– Lock screen pattern
– Lock screen password
– Lock screen keypad
– Lock screen slider
– Lock the screen like iPhone
– Lock screen with water droplets or soap bubbles Now we want to launch this lock screen application: Lock screen with water drop effect. Please download and watch the animation of water droplets. You will love this app.
It has a beautiful keypad with lots of water droplets. Keypad (iPhone, iPad) like keypad on iOS lock screen. You can resize the color and time, date. You can change the background of the lock screen. You will have your own attractive lock screen.

Key Features:
– Support iPhone-like keypad with many heart shapes
– Set password with number
– High security, block access to your phone without a password
– Users can change the background
– User can customize color and date / time size
– You can add your name, your word or your idol to the lock screen
– Support more than 60 languages
– Works well on phones, tablet devices

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