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A simple and easy-to-use weather app for you! Here’s a simple and easy-to-use weather widget for you! It allows you to get weather information conveniently. Give information about the maximum / minimum temperature tomorrow and the appropriate local weather as the current climate, of course, the best choice for your daily life.
Real-time Temperature, Temperature, Current Clock / Time, Takes Time Like Yesterday, Time in 6 Days This weather widget is based on all servers. It is very practical.

Highlights of the local weather forecast

Status Notification: Instantly displays current temperatures and conditions

Home screen: changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so that you get information about your current situation as well as the weather you need most.

7 day forecast for the future

Set is easy to setup and slides between different positions

Wid widget is easy to use – multiple weather locations – Celsius and Fahrenheit

Sun Accuracy of sunrise and sunset

Hum displays humidity and wind speed, giving you better travel tips

Show Vis Visibility

Yesterday display yesterday’s temperature, can be used as a reference for today’s temperature

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