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Taylor Taylor is a download manager built for the Android platform. It supports any type of file for download: videos, images, music, applications, anything. And they’re done with very few footprints on your Android resources.

Make your downloads smart, effective, reliable and easy.
Our “light” or “dark” color schemes have a user-friendly interface and notification bar progress interface so you can download whatever you want (any file type supported), when you want (schedule your downloads), and keep track of your downloads. Progress in real time.

Here are some features that can be expected from LoaderDroid.

* Resume downloads (continue from where your downloads were interrupted)
* Automatically pause if you lose your connection
* Auto restart when your connection reappears
* Restricts links from your Android browser and other applications
* You can specify which connections are allowed for each link (WIFI, 3G, etc.)
Download faster by splitting the download into parts
* Scheduled
Link replacement feature for older links
* Stable, fast and easy to use

This solves many problems with the standard Android browser, which is sometimes unable to download certain file types (including e-books, video streams, audio, applications, zip files).

It can also help load video streams from your favorite websites (for example, the website does not support downloading locally and only displays in the video player).

Click on any downloadable link in the Android browser and select LoaderDroid from the list of applications. Or you can share a link to LoadDroid using the Android Sharing feature.

You can also click the “plus” button in the action bar and enter the link manually (by typing or pasting).

And finally you can use the embedded browser on LoaderDroid, it automatically detects loadable links as soon as it is clicked.

LoaderDroid downloads any file, small or large, worry free. It’s just a matter of time and space available on your SD-card.

LoaderDroid supports restartable downloading, so don’t worry if you lose your connection or stop downloading halfway. LoaderDroid will restart the download as soon as your connection has been restored.

Using your Android on the go? No problem. Specify which connection you want to use to download any file individually and relieve yourself of the worries of carrier charges. Whether it’s Wi-Fi at home or 3G on the go, your download will automatically pause when you leave your Wi-Fi and restart the moment you return.

For most servers, LoaderDroid will load your downloads in 3 threads: sometimes it increases the download speed 3 times.

LoaderDroid was designed to be smart. It will not use if you do not need any kind of Android device resources.

This app is ad-supported, if you do not like the ads, you want to support the development, or get additional features, please buy the license key at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? ID = com.zloy.android.downloader.activator

Please follow / like our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LoaderDroid

Dmitry Ilchenko aka Artegreative (UTI and Art Design)

What’s new?

Version 1.0
* Marshmallow permission
Automatic mode for selecting the number of connections based on Internet speed
* Check for name duplicates in auto add mode (possibility to update link with duplicate name)
* Auto slip mode is added when the battery is low
* Added support for writing on KitKat and later external SDcards
* New options added to the browser:
** Do not load images
** Do not allow JavaScript
** Request desktop site

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