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Live Audio Chat: Make new friend & Improve English APK download

Live Audio Chat: Make new friend & Improve English APK download

Opentalk is now Budestalk

Google Launchpad selected in 2019! 🚀❤️ 🚀❤️
2 million + conversations worldwide.
15 million minutes every month is spoken কথা

Practice Talk to a native English speaker to practice English
Follow the person you like to talk to.
St App for talking to strangers.
Live audio and live video call and chat app!
Friends Apply for new friends.
The live audio call with random people around the world.
* Application of speaking English speaking practice.

Why use Budtike?

1. User privacy is top priority. Your personal information is only visible to you.
2. Great way to meet new people, get to know them well before making friends.
3. Very effective in improving communication skills and English speaking.
4. Video calls to the special people you are connected to.
5. Simple interface for great experience.
Voice. Great network quality through voice calls and video calls.
A. The ultimate reward for people who want to create a conversation.

How does talking to Buddy work?

1. Talk to random people through our common UI experience
“Talk Now” feature.
2. Choose what class of people you need to connect with specifically using our app
3. The system randomly connects with users around the world.
4. Only talk to the most relevant people through our advanced system algorithm.
5. To enhance the application user experience, we have the most affordable filters available
Users in the app.
Who. The app automatically blocks users who try to abuse it.
Eff. Effectively determine the level of communication of the speakers.
. If you’re interested in exploring more, join the video call.
9. Sharing ideas and culture by talking to different strangers in the neighborhood
The world.
10. Win different prizes after achieving different challenges in the application.
Talk about friends
1. Live audio call, video call to your friends!
2. Random Live Talk and Make New Friends!
3. Random talk with interesting people!
4. Share ideas by talking live around the world!
5. Learn English by speaking directly around the world!
New: Video call features
* Connect with your favorite talk friends via video call now.
* Secure video calling feature.
* Only talk to people you want to connect with via video calling.
Openaltalk has been rebranded as Buditalk. Only the name changes, everything stays the same or just gets better. So contact for updates.

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