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The guest ordered. Dear little chef, start cooking according to your guest’s orders!

Mix flour and water. Stir the mixture and make a flour. Start the noodle machine and make noodles. Now boil the noodles, add spices and serve with meat and eggs. Delicious Chinese noodles are ready!

Guests want some colorful dumplings? No problem! Tomato juice, carrot juice … there are 5 types of vegetable juices. Make juice and colorful dumplings in the flour. You can even add pepper when you boil the pumpkin!

Soak soybeans and boil soy milk. Press it into a bowl, ala, shape with a stone, and tofu is ready. Do you want to cook it? Stir-fry, chill with sauce, or make soup? It’s up to you!

Hot pot
Hey, do you know how many ingredients there are for a hot pot? Mushrooms, beef … and of course lobster and meatballs! Select your desired ingredients. Wash them and put them in soup. Spicy hot pot ready!

Everyone prepares delicious Chinese food. Don’t wait for guests. Serve dishes on time!

– 6 kinds of Chinese dishes: cook
– 25 kinds of ingredients: beef, eggs, carrots, bananas, oranges and much more.
– 6 methods of cooking: fry, boil, stray-fry, instantly boil, stir and mix, and roast.
– 5 kinds of spices: oil, salt, chicken manure, sauce, soy sauce.

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