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Take notes on why you don’t feel like typing! Just say your note, and it will be saved as text. This Notepad app was created to write your ideas quickly with minimal hassle. And these ideas make it easy to keep organized.


* Recognition of hands-free speech at the press of a single button.

* Searchable. The notes are indexed for quick search.

Password protection options for notes.

* Share notes with SMS, email, Twitter and any other app that accepts plain text.

* Add notes quickly. If you have a slide-out keyboard, just slide out and start typing.

* Receives general text from other shared applications.

* Password locked notes are encrypted outside the first 20 characters. This will allow you to identify the note and enable it to be traced, while the rest of it will be encrypted with AS encryption values. This is the same encryption standard used by the US government and banks.

Star notes with star filtering.

* Color-code notes and filter your list by color.

Organize notes by category.

* Deleted notes have been moved to Trash so you have the opportunity to recover them.

Added features:

* SD card backup and restore. Allows you to create a backup of all your notes and encrypt them on your SD card.
* Release the button after creating your voice note, so you can add additional speech text if needed.
* Breathing options – lets you choose how long to wait before turning off speech input.
* Full screen and popup screen text editor.
* Quotes. You can now quote and place it on your note.
* Car return. You can press the Enter key to simulate Carriage Return.
Category sharing. You can share / export an entire category of notes.
* Light and dark themes.

Popular uses:

* Quick and easy notes with lectures in the text. Your voice has been “recorded” as text. Although does not act as an actual voice recorder.
* Text editor. You can use list notes as a classic notepad, but with more speech-to-text functionality.
* Shopping list. Great when you want a quick look at some of your needs in the grocery store.
* Organize notebooks with color tabs. You can create a color note tab by long-pressing a note and selecting “Change tab color”.
* Take simple notes. Many people prefer a Notepad application for which you need to create an account and not upload all your notes to a server. No account is required with list notes. All your notes are stored on your own device.
Dictation software. You can copy your thoughts quickly and easily. You can then edit the result just like any other note-taking application. When you are editing notes in the text view, you can insert the speech anywhere in the text and even undo it if the last speech input does not turn to the right.
* Secure notes You can create secure notes that are personal. These personal notes are locked with password protection. An easy way to encrypt text from your favorite eye when you lock a note.


* Google Voice Search is required for lectures from text functionality to work. Most devices are pre-installed with it. If you don’t want to use the speech recognition functions, the app is still fully functional without it.

What’s new?

Minor bugs fixed.

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