Light Head vs Siren Head Game-Haunted House Escape APK download

Light Head vs Siren Head Game-Haunted House Escape APK download
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This is a horror escape siren head vs light head game. You and your friend find themselves trapped in a terrifying haunted area when your car breaks down, so after you find a key, go inside the scary haunted house, then the scary siren head comes and finds you in this haunted house adventure game with Horror Ajak.

Play Light Head vs Siren Head Game-Haunted House Escape in 3 great ways:
S as siren head
As light head
As the pipe head

Experience all the scary character of the 3rd person!

You find your camp near a fire in a forest and find a camera there Find the light head Now look for the radio tower and take a picture of him from a distance to prevent him from spotting, because there is a bigger grant above his picture. You have to get out of the jungle now that your friend is missing so try to get help from the radio, but the front of the radio is broken. There’s a kibo in the tower, look for it. As the player descends from the tower and sees the light, the light head spots the player. Now hit the light head with the XBO and he must flee before he can catch you. Find the cave where the nozzle of the radio is, enter the cave and discover the nozzle of the radio to put it back in. Meanwhile, on the way back you hear the sound of hearing help from another cave that seems familiar. Climb into the cave and you will see that your friend was imprisoned in the cell.

He tells you the siren has the key to the head. Now look for the siren’s head, go to him and hit him with the XBO to knock him unconscious for 30 seconds and grab the key from his neck. Get your friend out of the house and look for the first radio tower. Now go upstairs and keep the tip in mind to contact the Forest Support Center. The Forest Help Center will reach the sea near the bridge, now you have to go to the bridge somehow. Reach the bridge without getting spotted in the Best Scary Siren Head vs Evil Light Headscape game with Horror Forest Fight.

As soon as you reach the bridge you will hear the sound of a siren indicating that the head of the siren is near, look for shelter and hide there and wait for the light head to pass, also look for Molotov in that area. Assistance appeared at the same time, but the light head killed all the staff. Be careful. Light and throw the molotov towards the light head and take a boat ride, start it and move away from the jungle with your friend. Combine your skills and powerful weapons to fight and defeat the evil, from the ordinary walker to the flying fire-spitting flames in the best horrible siren head vs evil light head skip game with escape from the haunted house.

Upgrade your weapons to deal damage. Use your weapons to fight the sirens and free your friend from the evil siren heads in this spooky house adventure game with horror escape.

Feel the thrill of Light Head Survival Ghost Game vs Real Hunting Siren Head! Avoid ghosts and endure evil in this freely terrifying SCP game. Play Siren Head vs Light Head SCP game and go on a scary adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Download now! And play “Light Head vs. Siren Head Game-Haunted House Escape” to experience the awesome and terrifying haunted house feeling.

Light Head vs. Siren Head Game-Haunted House Escape Features:
Simple and smooth controls.
• Reality haunted house simulator
High quality siren head character
Stunning 3D graphics.
Ic addictive gameplay

Let’s take a look at what it takes to play this horror game and escape from “Light Head vs. Siren Head Game-Haunted House Escape”: Enjoy the most anticipated Hunted House game of 2020

Perfect horror and thriller game: exciting gameplay, a terrifying beast, sudden jumpscare and cool environment. It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience!

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