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LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush APK download

LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush APK download

We wanted to create a Lego Run game that would be fun fast and lots of things to collect and do. We have a bunch of Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Emma, ​​Stephanie and their Lego friends to drive with you right now. There are plenty of missions like walking, collecting things while driving, jogging, jumping, ducking and other vehicles on the road and moving your way around obstacles. Jobo is there too, and when you collect him, you’ll turn into another kind of vehicle. While this is a Lego friend game, it is not just meant to be a girls game. If you or your family likes to collect games, racing, great items, we hope it will be easy to fall in love with Lego friend games.

– Drive through Lego Heartlake City as the character of your favorite friends!
– Collect coins, ice cream, fruit, flowers, gifts, confetti bombs and a special collectible item for each of the five friends!
– Buy special characters or an amazing stud doubler!
– Customize your cars with decals, colored tires and aerial toppers!
– Complete missions to earn and earn even higher coins!
– Dodge enemies are coming at you!
– Equip your cars with unlocked diesel!
– Improve and transform your car into a jet by picking Jobot as a robot!
– Unlock the characters and cars of all 10 playable Lego friends by winning coin prizes!
– Mix and match your characters, cars and dexels for a truly Lego game building experience!
– Safe First: Play in a secure, enclosed environment with any third party ads, links to external websites or hidden data collection. LEGO marketing materials and information are provided, for example LEGO news in the hope of inspiring creative play about LEGO sets and other LEGO games.

Please note that you can download this game for free and it is free to play the app but additional content is available by purchasing the app. Real money is spent to purchase the app and your account is charged. To disable in-app purchases, change device settings.

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