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Legion War – Tactic & Strategy APK Download

Legion War - Tactic & Strategy APK Download

Our new game has been released on Steam.

Legion War is a turn-based strategy game, brought to you from Bear and Cat Studios. In this great magic world, will you be able to lead your army to survive the challenge of enemies and write your legend?

If you are interested in turn-based strategy games, SLG (simulation) games, 4X games or advanced games like Ancient Empire, Lost Frontier and Civilization then you will love this game.

Stories about us:
We worked together at a Chinese mobile developer company and we got tired of creating some “games” that were just copying a few great games and stealing money from their users. We just want to create some real games for people. So we decided to create our own game at night and on the weekends. We spent 3 months creating our first game and failed, because we are creating a game that we don’t like to play. We summarize the experience of the first failure and start our second game – a turn-based strategy game that we both love to play. It took us 9 months to complete the first published version.

> Units and armies
We currently have 4 main armies: human, undead, steam and wild. Each large contingent contains 9 unique units and we also have a neutral navy with 4 units. Each unit has different characteristics and some of them have their own fighting skills or passive skills. There is a unique upgrade route for each unit, upgrading one unit will make it more powerful and useful.

> Promotion
We have 5 well-designed campaigns in addition to each of our troops, a total of more than 50 levels.
Units are being introduced at each level. Each level has a main task and if achieved there are three secondary goals to give extra bonuses. The full level will give you some game coins that you can use to upgrade your units permanently.

> Conflict
In the collision-game you can set up your own rules and challenge AI players on a map of various balanced games.

> Multiplayer
You can play online games with your friends or other players. You may have a fair fight with others or a co-opt custom promotion.

> Map editor
Create your own maps and promotions through Game Editor. You can share your maps with other players and you can also download various maps and promotions from our servers.

> Game AI
AI has been designed for our games for a long time. Game AI’s performance is different in each issue. It has the ability to assess the current combat situation, recruit the right units to deal with your attack forces, plan attacks and optimize the actions of each unit.

> Terrain
Terin is a basic element in turn-based strategy games. We have 8 different terrains – land, forest, hills, mountains, wetlands, bridges, water and reefs. Each terrain has its own modifier of attack, defense and movement costs.

> Building
There are many buildings in the game. Castle is used to recruit your unit and it provides you with gold. The city is the basic gold production building. And there are many more buildings that have unique functionality.

Map theme
Lead your team to battle on different themes on the map: Ice World, Desert, Fire Land and Candy Paradise.

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