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Legends of Catalonia AR APK download

Legends of Catalonia AR APK download

The legend of Catalonia AR
Real-world augmented reality experience

Discover the official app of the VR videogame of the legends of Catalonia.

With our app you can live a unique augmented reality experience where you can enter the legendary world of videogames by opening AR portals from anywhere in the picture to the scene:

Travel to the Roman Empire and walk around the Tarakor Amphitheater
Cue Vela de Lelida faces a dragon in a medieval cathedral
Immerse yourself in Dali’s fantasy world in the crystal clear waters of Kadakus
Transport yourself to Sagarda Familia without leaving your home
Discover Barcelona from the top of the impressive Montserrat Mountains
Barcelona’s architecture, with one of the gems of Anthony’s Market

How does it work?
Throw the AR portal on the floor or any wall. Choose a videogame location and enter it through the portal. You can interact with the scene … and if you look back you can see your reality on the other side of the portal.

What else?
Download our VR videogame Legend of Catalonia and live the full experience.

But what is the legend of that Cat Catalonia?
This is a VR video game created by the Tourism Agency of Catalonia where you can travel through any terrain filled with history, legends and magic: Catalonia. Characters like Carlos Pueblo, a former player of the football club Barcelona, ​​will help you think of a proof path that has left you in an amazing scene where you will travel from the Roman Empire to the Medieval Times.

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