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Practice your gray thing every day with left vs right! Our games are designed to test your awareness, adaptability, reflexes, reasoning, accuracy, and endurance.

Left vs. right has colorblind mode! Just enable it in the app’s settings menu.

VIP members can take training in 6 training departments every day. All games from these categories are available. You can play and train extra games in unlimited amounts each day. Only VIP members will see the brain quotient of the division, the percentage of the division and the history of your score for each game.

Regular members can start training for 3 out of 6 every day. Only regular games will be available from these categories. Additionally, after watching a short video you can complete the final 3 daily training games (including VIP games) for free. You can play individual games using tokens. Regular games cost 1 token. VIP games cost 3 tokens. Extra tokens can be earned just by watching a short video.

Become a VIP member by upgrading your account with 4 types of subscriptions at once:

– Free trial* / Week pass: $ 0.99 USD
– Monthly VIP subscription: 1.99
– Annual VIP subscription: 5.99
– Lifetime VIP Pass: 9.99

Prices will vary depending on your country and local currency.

(* Please note: A free trial is a weekly subscription that gives you a free first week. If you decide not to renew the weekly subscription, you must cancel the weekly subscription before the second week))

Thank you so much for playing!

Practice your brain now!



Left vs. Right requests permission to read and write to your external storage to buffer your video advertising experience. These permissions only apply to Android versions prior to 6, Android 6 or later, you can play the game even if you deny these permissions. Video ads appear when using a regular account. They help fund LvR production, so we appreciate your support. If you have any questions regarding permission, please contact us [email protected]

What’s new?

Thanks for playing!

We have a great update … ColorBlind Mode !!!

Some games are more fun and challenging in colorblind mode!

We’ve added 2 new games:
– Crazy chaos
– Find our baby


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