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Learn Korean, learn Japanese or quickly learn Chinese Mandarin with mini lessons. Learn Korean Hangul, Japanese Kanji or Chinese Pinyin Alphabet efficiently with interactive games!

Lingodia has been newly created for students outside of Asia and in its mysterious and beautiful language. Learning your favorite Asian language with an app has now become a dream come true. Created by a team of professional language teachers, interactive lesson and review tests will train your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in just 10 minutes a day.

– Complete introduction to Japanese / Korean / Chinese Mandarin alphabet systems that form a solid foundation for successful individual learning.
– Grid off? In the sky? No problem! Learn anywhere through offline mode.
– Kana, Kanji and Romaji have Japanese learning facilities; Hangul and Romanized letters are available for learning the Korean language; Cheating learning is available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Pinyin.
– Different and fancy exercise modes targeting different skills; One will never be bothered!
– Frequently used words and phrases up to the upper-middle level under the often used +0 + units and 150+ lessons.
– Smart adaptive review system that adapts to individual performance and selectively strengthens skill points to reinforce weak areas.
– Pleasant and authentic recordings from native speakers that are crystal clear.

The beauty and complexity of the Asian language can be terrifying. Perfect for adults and kids, Lingodia breaks down the alphabet, grammar and writing system in font-shaped interactive games and makes learning digestible for new learners.

LingoDeer doesn’t just stop helping you learn new words. We really help you memorize them. The built-in flashcard feature is powered by spaced repetition algorithms. It will adapt to the individual learning process of the student and adjust the exercises for maximum memorization and retention.

Download now to start your Japanese, Korean and Chinese Mandarin learning journey. You will start speaking these interesting languages ​​without spending a moment

Found a bug? Let us know and help make our Lingodia better!
Email: [email protected]

What’s new?

1. The story feature is now available in three languages ​​(Japanese, Korean and Chinese). And more stories coming soon!
2. The leaderboard is XP compliant.
3. Enjoy the Chinese New Year theme!

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