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Start learning to speak English like a natural speaker!

“Learn English – Listen and Speak” is one of Poro’s ongoing applications for self-students who want to speak English easily and effectively. 750 A list of lessons on a variety of topics, starting with daily conversations, from greetings, acquaintances, shopping, business conversations, family discussions, etc. It is suitable for all English learners to practice English from elementary to intermediate and advanced students.

When listening to a native speaker’s conversation, try to duplicate the full sentence with the same sentence, pronunciation as the local speaker. With the Poro app, you can not only learn speaking styles, pronunciation, ways and trends of breaking native speakers and improve listening skills, but also learn a group of vocabulary and useful phrases to communicate in everyday conversation.

The main features of the P Poro app:

★ General Conversation.
– More than 750 lessons about everyday English common conversation with native speaker audio files.
– From greetings, introductions, business conversations to small talk …
– Contains audio script to follow the flame.

Trans Copy / Translate
– Understand and remember the way native speakers read by customizing the show / hidden transcript mode.
– Understand the meaning of the whole sentence in each situation by customizing the meaning of the new vocabulary and translation mode

Articles are highlighted following those audios.
– Mode highlighting sentences following audio will help you follow the conversation directly.
– You can click on the sentence to hear / practice the sentence again

Playlist mode.
Enjoy English while driving or traveling …, all you have to do is launch the app and click on playlist mode.

Ractice practice game.
Playing the sentence game lets you know if you already remember the whole sentence and its structure.

Learn English through News.
You can not only improve your audience skills and vocabulary but also enrich your knowledge and update the world.

Learn English through storytelling.
Learning English became more interesting because Poro added a new function called English learning through storytelling. You can increase your vocabulary and learn how to express yourself in special situations!

Suitable for “Application” Learn English – Listen and Speak “:

Se false-initiation and those who want to improve English communication.
Who do self-study in English sitting at home.
★ Students who want to practice for TOIEC, IELTS exams
Who likes to communicate in English and practice English in a shadowy way.
Who likes to challenge your level.

The “Learn English – Listen and Speak” app is still under development, so we look forward to receiving your contributions to make it even better. We are a team that loves the English language and always tries to share our love with our community, so if you like this app please take a moment to rate it 5 stars! You can also contact us by commenting or clicking the feedback button on the options screen.

Please contact:
– Email: [email protected]

Thank you so much and best of luck to you!

What’s new?

Version 3.6.1

– Fix bugs
– Add more lessons
– Read each sentence
– Practice game

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