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Learn Chinese – The perfect app for learning Mandarin Chinese to start learning Chinese skills. The app contains numerous fun and interesting bite-sized lessons that test your listening, speaking, reading and Mandarin Chinese language skills.Interval repeating system, Chinese automatic speech evaluation, Chinese character handwriting And Pinyin tone animation Technicians are applied to the Chinese Skills app to make language learning more fun, easy and effective. In the Special Discovery section, additional features of the Pinyin chart, Pinyin tone, and character stroke sequence are provided in an interactive way to help providers increase their Mandarin language base. Following this application, ChineseSkill will help you learn Mandarin Chinese at the initial conversation stage.

Important: The main content of Chinese Skill is completely free !!!

– Game-based curriculum: optimized for newcomers;
– Multiple test modes: strengthening memorization and personalization of learning;
– Content of departmental education: designed for study at fragmented time;
– Interval repetition system: makes Chinese vocabulary memorization firm and efficient;
– Competing with friends: makes learning Chinese addictive and fun;
– Crystal voice with native speakers: slow and general pronunciation speed covering all content;
– Automatic speech assessment: making your Chinese language so easy;
– Offline learning supported: no internet connection required for one-click download;
– Supported both simplified and traditional thematic characters;
– Option to display Chinese in pinyin, letters or both as you like;
– Synchronization of learning progress across devices.

What are you going to learn?
– 50+ Chinese skills
– 150+ grammar points
– 200+ sentence patterns
– 1000+ keywords and phrases
– 2000+ required Chinese characters

Chinese proficiency supports learning Chinese from 8 languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Thai.

Download “Learn Chinese – Chinese Skills” now and start studying Chinese anywhere at your own pace!

What’s new?

1. All content is completely free; No more subscriptions.
2. Grammar tips have been added to each lesson.

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