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After completing the first level (1 short lesson) you will be able to memorize 4,900 Qur’anic words which makes up about 655% of the Qur’anic vocabulary. Last Updated:

– Audio has been implemented for Arabic words
– This single application now supports both Urdu and English.
– 24 lessons in English and 17 lessons in Urdu have been published so far, more to come.

1. You first learn high frequency Quran words with basic grammar rules.

2. You practice words and translate verses into applications.

3. Learn the words of the Quran, the rules of basic grammar, build the vocabulary of the Quran and understand it as you read the verses of the Holy Quran

Note: This application is for those users who can read the verses of the Quran and now want to learn its meanings. This application does not teach you basic Arabic letters or how to pronounce them.

4. A step-by-step journey of learning to memorize the Qur’an and translate verses from the Qur’an.

5. An easy digital Quran comprehensible course to learn that enables you to understand as you recite the Holy Quran.

Arabic. Want to learn Arabic but are struggling? Use this application and you will be able to gain a better understanding of Arabic language, structure, words and then go further to the advanced level of learning Arabic language.

7. Lessons are full of very effective practice from words, phrases to verses

. When you recite the Qur’an regularly, then your recitation is your practice!

9. You can create your own list of ‘My Words’ in the application and practice them alone.

10. In the ‘Failed Words’ list you automatically add failed words to the ‘Single Words’ practice. Leave your target list of failed words blank!

11. The app alerts you with a word from the current text word list, a list of my words, or a word from your daily failed word list at your default time

12. We have a Facebook page where you can go (of course you can like the page!) And post questions and comments to you.

Important: Please do not rush from lesson to lesson just by memorizing the words, you have to learn through practice how to break up Arabic words and understand the sentences. Make sure you practice the verse before the next lesson. Take your time, adapt the lessons, only then will you develop a quick translation skill as you read.

We are hopeful that we can create a community of Quranic learners where anyone can help anyone. Alternatively you can contact us by email.

[Urdu version has been released.. check our Quranic Arabic Urdu app]

What’s new?

The new build brings you the most requested feature audio! Now you can also hear Arabic words.

– Audio support for Arabic words
– Download audio for individual words or for full text
– Play audio for a single word or for all words in the text
– Bug fixes
– Font size adjustment

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