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The custom launcher allows an Android phone user to change the elements of the user interface like dock, home screen transfer, app icon, app drawer, highlight color, etc. G look and feel. This is a fully usable application that you can easily download by clicking on the download button above.

Free Android Launcher

Go Launcher X does not have built-in widget support, but you can download an external application that lets you create widgets on the Geo Launcher home screen.

This Android launcher provides many preferred options to keep its users satisfied and content. Options You can easily change the format of the app drawer from vertical to horizontal which some people may enjoy.

The horizontal app drawer gives a great page conversion effect which makes scrolling your app fun and interesting. Some other features include simply killing apps to free up RAM. Hiding apps is a new trend that has become mandatory for launcher users and this app provides that as well.

Users can access lots of custom themes and skins to personalize the phone to the heart’s content. The application drawer can also be customized to hold up to 15 applications per page. Usually other launchers can hold up to 10 applications.

Its developers have been attracted to make it super fast, with a 3D engine to enhance the user experience. It supports a unique feature that runs parallel to other launchers and can be used as an application GenUI.

But at the end of the day, if you have a high-end phone, everything goes super fast. It is up to the users to properly check and maintain the app.

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