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Don’t have the patience to read long descriptions?

Here’s a TL; DR version:

The launcherboard is a perfect replacement for the age-old notion of app drawers.

To get the best out of the launchboard, do these 2 things:

1. Add both the launcher icon and the homescreen widget to your homescreen. Now, you can go to any app with just a single touch.
2. Long-press your application frequently from the launchboard and mark it as Favorite. They become more easily accessible.

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What does the application do? Shows you all the apps at once, how dumb?
Meet the launchboard and say goodbye to search with a long list of apps and cluttered folders

Let’s face it – most of the time you know the name of the app you want to launch. Launchboard lets you use this knowledge to avoid unnecessary applications in the process of launching applications.

Everything is in the first letter of the app.

Long press on apps and mark those apps as their favorites to make it easier to access.

There are 2 ways to use the launchboard:

1. Launcher icon
2. Homescreen widget

Pin the launcher icon to the tray at the bottom of your homescreen. Clicking on it will open Favorites by default. So, if you’ve identified your frequent apps as favorites, they’re just a click away. If the application you want isn’t on your favorites list, click on the first letter of the application on the keyboard to quickly jump to the application.

The best thing you can do is launch applications that add launchboard widgets to your home screen. You can get any app with just a single touch. Try it, you will fall in love with it.

Use Lunchboard settings to see how you can customize the app’s appearance and behavior

Do you have any suggestions / feedback / complaints? Contact us via [email protected] We’re here to help you improve your experience with the app

What’s new?

* Bug fix
* New minimalistic launcher icon
* New modern look for widgets. (Moving widget titles ‘Show items’ can only be changed via settings)
Option to change text color when widget is completely transparent
* Customizable widget height
* Option to add apps and contacts to homescreen (in supported launchers)
* Option to show recent apps by default by launching the launchboard icon
* LaunchBoard can now be selected as a support application (long button to launch home button)

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