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LastQuick is the official phone application of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (CSEM). Created by seismologists, the Lastcake app is dedicated to alerting the population and collecting evidence in real time. In just a few minutes, the EMSC was able to estimate the effects of the earthquake.

** What is EMSC? **
EMSC is an international non-profit scientific NGO that was founded in 1919.

** An innovative first aid kit **
The peculiarity of EMSC lies in its method of earthquake detection, which is based on:
সাক্ষ Earthquake witnesses, who felt the first earthquake and therefore reported that the first event was happening.
→ Internet and mobile technology, which allows for quick data collection of the effects observed by witnesses who are asked to fill out a questionnaire and share photos and videos.

** Committee affected by termination to the public **
Since information and communication are key to preventing risky behaviors, EMSC contributes to earthquake risk reduction by providing the general public:
Real-time information
Earthquake Earthquake Post-Safety Tips
পরিষেবা SMS service that allows victims to notify their loved ones.

** Key Features **
* Real-time information and data
* Customizable notifications (catastrophic earthquakes, earthquakes near you)
* Access to witness comments, photos and videos
* Allows sharing of information on social media
* If you are in the area affected by the earthquake, you can send SMS to your loved ones
* Provides post-earthquake safety tips

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