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Last Shelter: Survival APK Download

Last Shelter: Survival APK Download

The choice is yours to survive or become one of the walking dead!

Unique features

World Wide War
Fight enemies all over the world, take your empire to greatness and fight to the last man position.

– Protesting graphics
Everything from the unit to the heroes on the map seems very realistic and creates a whole post enigmatic experience.

Build your wasteland empire
Absolutely free city building, upgrading facilities, research and development, fighter and survival training and the recruitment of strong heroes just to survive a new day to conquer the new world!

-Hero system
Whether you want to attack your enemies from afar, defend nearby quarters, or enjoy the development of your base or farm, there are many heroes who can help you with all of that!

-Strategic gameplay
Not only can a single unit easily conquer, fighters, shooters and vehicles, you have to know your enemies and yourself to walk on the Z-type debris of this World War.

– Alien Warfare
Whether it’s running against different servers, or fighting for the presidency at home, your alliance will always support you, until you find the right people.

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