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Cody (XBMC) is a free, open source Android app for managing your phone’s collection of movies, television shows, music and photos. Simply put, it can be termed as Android File Explorer for multimedia applications and is a tool for consolidating all your content in one place and sharing it across devices.

The thing that sets it apart from other apps is that it can run from your Android phone to your home PC and lots of other devices like your own. Cody (XBMC) relies exclusively on your existing media, so it prevents you from subscribing to video streaming services.

Entertainment synced to your Android phone and device

Once installed, Cody (XBMC) lets you sync music, photos, movies and TV shows stored on one device and play them on another. You can table everything in one place using Cody (XBMC) on your Android phone. Because it was originally designed to control all your digital media from the center of the house. This way you can effectively turn all your gadgets into part of a digital streaming hub. Unless they are wirelessly connected across the Internet.

Let’s just say that most of your media is on your tablet or iPad. Instead of transferring files to your Android phone or laptop, download and sync the Cody app to each device. Not only can it stream and record TV live, it supports electronic program guides and smartphone applications. It lets you use your Android phone as a remote control.

As a music and video player, Cody is versatile, supporting all file formats for audio and video. It makes it a great central hub for shows and music synced from multiple sources. Cody’s (XBMC) interface is straightforward, and its dark colored gradients and menus help you organize easily. Cody supports radio frequency (RF) remote, game controllers as well as smartphones and tablets.

Click the download button above to start the download to download the Cody app. You can also explore other music and video players MX player. See the developers for more information about the Cody app and for supported OS versions Website.

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