KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker 3.32b810408 APK Download for Android

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker 3.32b810408 APK

Make your Android Launcher look unique with the most powerful live wallpaper creator custom of all time! Use your amazing WYSIWYG editor to create your own designs and at the same time show you any data you need as well as awesome animations (what you get is what you get)! If you are looking for Rainmeter or Kanki on Android, here it is! Do you just need a widget but it’s so powerful? See KWG
– Some skin to start and some component
– Text with fonts, colors, sizes and custom effects
– Oval, straight, bow, triangle, axon and many more forms
– 3D flip conversion, curved and skew text
– Gradients, shades, mosaics and color filters
– Zooper as progress bar and series
– Layers with overlay effects such as pro editors of photo editors
– Touch the active fields of an object you created

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