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The KK Launcher is the top 1 KitKat and Nougat style launcher, the top 3 launchers in all; Stay updated with the latest Android (Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android N0 Nougat) style launchers; The fastest, greatest, most powerful and always up to date KK Launcher 2 released! New, great, modern

* Who would like it?
1. That people want the latest Android experience and clean, cool modern design
2. People who want a smoother, more powerful and sporting experience from their phones

* Why swing it? What makes a launcher outstanding compared to other launchers?
D. Who has the launcher 20+ unique, COL and useful features: Such as sidebar, super folder, personal folder, app lock, double tap to close the screen

D. Compare with other launchers, keep updated on KK Launcher base on KitKat Android 4.4 and the latest Android U (Android .0.0 Nugget) with the latest Android UI and UI.

* Key features of KK Launcher:
1. Support Icon Theme:
– Search 5000+ Launcher Icon Pack from Google Play Store; Compatible with other launcher themes
– KK Launcher also supports colorful themes

2. Easy sidebar:
– Include memory cleaner; Quick toggle Favorite apps; And the sidebar can be turned on from anywhere

3. Customize higher:
– Yes 300+ Launcher options to tune your devices include: grid size, application folder, 4 UI size mode, Doc page …

4. Get Google on your home screen:
– From left-most screens, swipe right to access Google Now cards that give you accurate information

5. Just say “Ok Google”
– When on the KK Launcher screen (for Android 4.4 ++, KitKat +), simply say “OK Google” to trigger voice input, then say your command.

Android. Stay updated on Android N (Android .0.0 Nugget):
– Bring you the latest Android experience: Marshmallow 6.0 Themes and Naugat 7.0 Themes, Android N Card style drawers and animations etc.

7. Launcher Desktop:
– Smooth animations; Wallpaper scrolling; 16 conversion effects; 5 live wallpaper effects; Colorful wallpaper

8. Launcher drawer:
– Create drawer folders; Hide application 4 drawer picks; Quick AZ Location Bar; Quick app search; Resize the grid
3 drawer style, Android n with horizontal drawer style

9. Transparent status bar, larger viewing area:
– For Android 4.4+ devices; And for Galaxy S5, S6, S7 and Galaxy Note devices

10. Many convenient gestures:
15 Desktop gesture; Icon gestures; Folder gestures; Reorganization gestures (similar to iOS features)

11. Unread count:
– Unread SMS; Miss Call; Advertisers for Gmail and WhatsApp

* KK Launcher Prime Features:
– Personal folder; Super folder
– App lock
– Double tap to turn off the screen, triple tap to turn on
– More unread counts / indicators
– More gestures; Icon gestures
– More conversion effects
– Transparent status bar clone for Android..0-4.3

* Feedback:
Facebook: facebook.com/kklauncher
Email: [email protected]
XDA: Forum.xda-developers / shothread.fp? T = 2536422
Help: KK Launcher Settings -> Help (to explain permissions; launcher instructions) Icon packs and theme makers)
Translations: Bhiran.praj / project / clenclancher

* We practically develop the KK launcher to perfect each other
If you like KK Launcher, please rate us and press G + 1
Who to launch the launcher;
If you encounter errors, please email us with detailed information, thanks

* Get the KK Launcher and try it out, perfect your mobile life!

What’s new?

Who is like a launcher? Enlighten and inspire us all. We actively develop who to perfect *

V7.0 Update (2017-1-21):
1. Customize the round theme in Android 7.1 style
2. Optimize the booster
3. Logo Op UI customization
4. Fix bugs

1. Add round themes
2. Add round clipped folder style

1. Add lots of new great themes

1. Customize the size of the drawer grid

1. All major features are free

* Top 1 KitKat and Naugat style launchers, Top 3 launchers. The fastest, the greatest, the strongest

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