Kids Coloring Book APK download

Kids Coloring Book APK download

Kids Coloring Book is a free coloring book for kids. Gaming game for kids is fun to learn, kids learn the alphabet, animals, fruits, flowers, vegetables, shapes, vehicles, etc. Kids learn happy paint and kids. The main idea of ​​the children’s coloring book is to provide a drawing and painting game for the kids so that there are different sections or drawing pages that help the kids to learn and have fun in the intelligent time.

** Categories
Alphabet Descriptive pages help children learn the alphabet using different images starting with the alphabet.
2. Vehicles are always very interesting for kids and coloring pages of vehicles helps kids learn different types of vehicles and their uses.
3. The coloring pages of animals teach children about different animals.
4. The colorful pages of the fruit recognize the children in a variety of fruits.
5. The colorful pages of vegetables help children to learn about different vegetables.
Flow. The colorful page of flowers teaches children about the different types of flowers around.

** Main advantage
The bucket fill can be used to fill a region with a click or tap.
Choose from different colors and draw with a pencil and eraser.
Undo your last color action.
Save the coloring pages and color them from where you left them in the last session.
Clear the color to start painting again.
Resize the pencil to draw using different pencil shapes.
Choose from over 80 colors to color the coloring pages.

APK download

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