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The keyboard is the Google version of the keyboard for Android. It offers fast typing on the back slightly. The best thing about the keyboard is that it provides Google search on your keyboard which makes life easier.

The information you search for can be shared with your messaging partners directly from the keyboard. To search, tap the G icon in the upper-left corner of the keyboard. Tap the Share button below search results to add that information to your chat conversations. One-way mode lets you compress and position your typing fingers wherever the keyboard is.


With its glide typing you can simply slide your fingers from letter to letter and your word is formed. You can translate words and phrases in real-time. Gboard supports voice-to-text in dozens of languages. GoBoard will automatically correct and advise you from any language you are capable of.

It has a GIF search that only you create GIF from the board and it is so easy. A double tap on the space bar automatically adds a period to the previous sentence. You can slowly slide the space-bar to position your cursor. It acts as a trackpad, quickly swiping on top of it to navigate a text message.

Users can tap to delete a character to delete it. However, if you swipe the same key to the left, you can delete an entire word. You can always make numbers available in rows instead of searching on individual tabs. Use customized keyboards in it WhatsApp.

Google integrates search and messaging with Google’s Messenger application or third-party SMS and MMS applications. This keyboard is the main one for Android devices. It can be installed on Google’s Pixel devices. These small features make GoBoard one of the most popular browsers. To download the guard on your Android phone, click the download button to start the download.

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