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Katie and Bob arrive home from their adventure, reunite with their father and start planning a new journey.

“Want to go to Norway’s Vikings Village Park, yes Katie? Their annual restaurant games are on now.”
“Not all village life is for us, Bob! Especially since we have been planning to tour Asia for ages.
Just imagine it, we will see the Great Wall! It is a complete fortress built to protect against indigenous expeditions! ”
“Katie, the last tribe saw the walls long before we were born. HIG gave all the insights into how the Chinese emperor could stop the invasions and protect his kingdom and its settlers. ”
“You’re so dull, Bob! Then let’s go to Singapore! They say it’s the best city to live in and very easily effective. We’ll have a kitchen on the beach.”
“I want to have coffee, like Roma, remember? My best coffee! Do you have a coffee shop in Singapore?”
“I don’t even know, Bob. Our realtor is there, we should get in touch and find it! I remember his cooking was kind of crazy.”
“I always thought he drew statues. Once I saw him drawing with a family. Or are they brown? ”
“They were orbs, Bob! An orc and its tribe. They wrote about those statues in the Evening Chronicle. His orc won first place in a miniature competition and he won the Trigger Grill. ”
“This is a great grill! Did I imagine it, Katie, or is she a doorbell? ”
“It must be Postman!”

It was really the postman, there was a letter from their friends on the island. Our heroes are invited to open a cafe in the local safari park. Not wanting to miss such an exciting opportunity, the whole happy family set out on a journey to open a new business.

Island Adventure Continues!

Bind yourself to colorful locations, interesting levels, fun characters, bonus tasks for each level, an upgradable team, trophies of all kinds, easy gameplay for any age, fun music and a captivating plot. You never say: “Gamestop!” Ready to be fascinated while playing this game! Sick of Zombie Castways? Then grab the amazing cooking fever and wait for the zombies, sadly shaking to the side. Leave your tablet for Katie and Bob!

Katie and Bob: Then at the Safari Cafe!

– Kitchen games will never be the same!
– 3 color positions
– 60 exciting levels
– More than 10 happy characters and even a dominance assistant!
– Bonus work at each level
– Upgradable team
– Tons of trophies
– Easy gameplay for any age
– Fun music

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