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K7 Mobile Security

Make your smart phone smart and secure!

Smartphones bring the virtual world to you wherever you go. Unfortunately, they also carry a variety of viruses, malware and spyware that can be a threat to your privacy and cause irreversible harm while at work or at home.

K7 Mobile Security ensures that your smartphones are completely secure and your data is completely secure. Our active threat management solutions will always keep you ahead – regardless of the latest mobile threats.

Product features like antivirus, anti-theft options, SMS / call blocker and SIM alerts help protect your devices from digital fraud, data loss and malicious viruses. These features are built on innovative and feather-lighting platforms that guarantee total protection without disrupting mobile usage or battery life.

No need to panic if you are disconnected from your mobile device! Our advanced and intuitive anti-theft measures will not only help you track it faster, but it will also remotely protect your personal data at the fastest time.

No more hassle of roaming in the virtual world while you are on the go. With K7 mobile protection, your security is guaranteed.

The main advantage

Antivirus: Smart software that updates itself against the latest viruses and automatically scans devices – its internal data, external cards and downloaded applications for malware / spyware / adware / trojans.

Demand Demand / Scheduled Scanner: Easy alternatives to pre-configured / scheduled scanning activities without drying out battery power or facing start-up problems.

Anti-theft mechanism: Advanced “Locate and locate Android device” feature that protects remote location personal data with feeder weight tracking agents, as well as providing unique options like SIM change notifications.

Block Contact Blocker: Simplified options to block specific numbers from sending private text / voice and video calling; Helps to configure a blacklist for your contacts

Filter Web Filtering: The latest web protection against malicious websites distributing malicious codes and blocking phishing websites from stealing confidential data from your device.

Privacy Advisor: Availability of detailed reports to keep you informed of how your personal data (location / messages / calls) may be used / misused in your installed applications

This application uses the permission of the device administrator. This permission allows you to remotely lock your device and delete data from www.k7tracker.com

This application uses accessibility services to protect users from accessing phishing and malicious websites.

What’s new?

64 bit version support
Web Security Optimization for Android 9 and later
Minor bugs have been fixed

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