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Jungle Adventures 3 – Platformer APK Download

Jungle Adventures 3 - Platformer APK Download

Jungle Adventure 3 – If you like Jungle Adventures and Jungle Adventures 2 you will love the new addition to the series.

The story of a hidden forest – in the middle of the night, in search of some food, our hero Edu witnessed a tragic scene. Cute Fury people in the forest were kidnapping them by a group of thugs.

Join Edu and his friends on a great adventure to help him save the Fur family through extraordinary adventures and block his path in the face of epic challenges.

Run, jump and destroy all the new jungle adventures 3 to experience an adventure like no other!

Feel an exciting mix of fun and exploration.
Beautiful and stunning graphics provide amazing visuals.
Edu has new abilities and pets.
Unique challenge and tone boss for battle.
Easy control and interesting sound.
More hurdles, power-ups and success have been added.

Let it be the most incredible adventure of your life! Download now!

Jump around and avoid obstacles using your mighty powers against super monsters.

You run while exploring the beautiful worlds we have created for a magical experience. Including daily rewards to keep you up with amazing powerups for a great gameplay experience.

You have to look for this chaos which is fun while competing against time in unique bonus areas. The more levels you make the clearer you are as you advance your adventure and face the reality of surviving dangerous levels and crossing complex platforms in this battle jungle!

The controls are easy to play and even kids can master this extremely fun and easy game.

There is success in challenging you for free and all new Jungle Adventure 3

Discover an ice age world and explore the mysteries in jungle adventures! You are chased by their mines while escaping from the hands of dangerous monsters. Time to do a great adventure to explore the freedom of the beautiful safari world!

Jump on various jungle platforms and become Tarzan in this incredible adventure!

If you like platform games or adventure games, Jungle Adventure 3 is the best suite! It comes among the top platform games and adventure games on Android!

Action-packed gameplay!
– Dive into this chaotic battle with an exciting action-packed and fun gameplay!
– Enjoy a beautiful safari with carefully designed worlds like Tarzan running, jumping, swimming and surfing through the jungle!

Epic boss fight!
– Jump on various jungle platforms and end the jungle clash by defeating the dangerous boss in this badland!
– Fight incredible battles with your enemies to achieve victory!

Loyal pets!
– You are not alone in stopping this jungle conflict, there are loyal pets to help you in this fight!
– Fight your enemies with stong bears or jump your way with fierce ostriches, or explore from many more pets!

Start your incredible jungle adventure now and become the Tarzan of this jungle!

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