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Successful forests are in trouble, a powerful magician steals all the fruits of the forest to become immortal.
Edu, our fearless adventurer began to bring back all the fruits to breathe new life into his fruit homeland, including his loyal pet Boolean.

24 FPS International Best Game Design 2016 Award Winner !!!

Classic adventure game
+ Ordinary yet incredible graphics
+ Easy and intuitive control
Ability to double jump
+ More than 60 unique levels
Ton boss fight
+ Suitable for all ages

Explore the jungle like Tarzan in Jungle Adventures 2 where you can choose which character you want to play while you have a lot of powerful power-ups. In this adventure game, you can also use your two pets a Boolean and Cocoa which have very useful features to help you in battle.

Discover Edu’s amazing new abilities.
• Edu could jump, swim and throw stones.
• Now he can pick, throw and glide.
His he can drive his pet to help him on his journey.
Run, jump and explore arcades.

Encounter an army of enemies that are awakened by other dangerous monsters that you have to rescue in the jungle. With beautiful graphics and incredible gameplay experience, you are going to do an amazing adventure!

Use your power-ups and with some help from your Zenian friends Bobo and Eva who have different abilities to turn enemies into fruit and make you invincible.

Be the king and crush your enemies to save the jungle in battle!
Are you ready for this incredible adventure game?

Be the Jungle Boy or Tarzan and jump on different platforms in this game! Enjoy the adventurous journey of this incredible world.

Explore the world of an ice age and explore the mysteries in Jungle Adventures 2! You are chased by their mines while escaping from dangerous monsters. Great adventure time for you to explore the freedom of the great game world!

If you like adventure games, Jungle Adventures 2 is best for you. It is one of the top adventure games on Android!

Download this adventure game and become the Tarzan of the Jungle!

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