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Johnny Trigger – Action Shooting Game APK Download

Johnny Trigger - Action Shooting Game APK Download

Real shooters always put their finger on the trigger.

Go into action: run, jump, run, shoot, run… .. take a deep breath, recharge your gun and continue your dangerous business! Are you still tired of this crazy competition, no?

Game: Johnny Trigger action Personal call for your activities!

An adrenaline rush gives you the incredible experience of being a well-appointed spy. Your goal is to survive and save innocent people from criminals.

How to do? The game offers you an «easy» solution to the problem – kill all the bad guys on your way and that’s it! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. So, this is the best time to prove your brilliant skills!

Quick test.  If you need to be a shooter.

The risk of incredible death does not scare you
2. You know what bullet means »you should know, come on!
3. You have tried at least once in your life to reduce the trigger.
4. Game «Johnny Trigger has already been downloaded to your device!

Why is it a good game to play? Let’s highlight the main points!

The game has 30 levels to train your reaction and shooting skills. Each single level is unique in terms of the strategy you follow. For example, at some level you will have 12 bullets and 3 criminals, some have more criminals and only 5 bullets without any chance to recharge the gun. Additionally each layer differs from the previous one in terms of environment: bombs, holes, different surfaces – you will never know what the future holds.

Your hero will be constantly upgraded: new guns and other weapons, stylish clothes and more will be available in the dazzling process. Also, there is a golden opportunity to buy some extra features by earning your own money by working as a spy. You know that money is a great motivator for doing your best and achieving the best goals – the most criminal of all existing criminals – the boss.

No one is playing with your nerves! What does this mean? Imagine the situation: you have failed the mission (this is life, it can happen to everyone) and thus end the current level for you.

Now what is your next step? Start blaming the whole world because you have to start from the first level again! Actually, no … in this game you will be allowed to restart from the level where you failed. As a result, your nerves, phones or other devices will be safe and secure.

There are three main reasons to start playing now.

⚈ Interesting and breathtaking plot.
No sophisticated skills required.
The level transparent classification.

Are you still hesitant? Don’t lose your sense of killing enemies with incredible headshots!

Welcome to Johnny Trigger World!

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