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The JioCall Android app will smarten your fixedline connection by using your smartphone to make video and audio calls. Jio customers in India are delighted, configure your 10 digit Jio fixed line number in Jio4GVoice app. By choosing a static profile in your Jio app you will be able to receive calls from your static line number on your smartphone. Users with 4G compatible smartphones will be able to make full use of the services.

Android version of JioCall

Jio4GVoice is a dialer application from Reliance Jio that can be used to make “rich” calls from your Jio phone. You’ll still need a Geo connection to use Geo without a 4G-enabled phone – you need to have a Geo SIM on your phone, or be connected to a GeoFi device.

After you download and install Jio4GVoice it will ask you for the permissions that apply. On a 3G phone, you need to connect to a 4G Internet device such as the JioFi Wi-Fi network. On 4G phones it will use 4G network to connect to Geo. You will be asked to make Jio your default SMS application. You can just tap if you like.

Making a call and connecting via Jio4GVoice is quite easy and straight forward. Tap on a contact and connect. You can convert a connected voice call into a video call by clicking on the camera icon. Similarly, you can go back to voice calls and videos while on the phone WhatsApp. This app is quite straight forward for Jio4GVoice and a good replacement for Jio network users.

To download the app just click the button above and get the app’s APK file. If you are a Geo user, please review the app and let us know in the comments below. See Developers’ for more information and privacy policy Website.

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