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Jarvis is a kind of fancy personal assistant app, which is not a cool factor like anyone else in the store, it has taken the cooling factor of your phone to a whole new level.
Note:: Jarvis currently only supports English.
But don’t get us wrong, Jarvis is more than just a show-show, he can be a personal advisor to you on how you can control your phone’s settings like weather, news, calls, text messages and more about WiFi, Flash, Flash. Bluetooth for naming, play songs via Bluetooth, set reminders based on people.
Jarvis adds a great element to everything that makes you look great!
Widget support
Access Jarvis from your lock screen with a single tap. Save notes and access them in the Notes widget.

Wearable support
Jarvis also runs your Android wearable. Ask him to play songs by name, update your phone background, change phone settings, and the list goes on.
Wakeup alarm
Use Jarvis to set the alarm to wake up quickly, it can’t be easier.
Calls and messages
Call and send a text message to Jarvis, all you have to do is tell him
CloudVoice Dynamic conversation
Jarvis is dynamic in conversation. He has the answers to a variety of questions and some of them are completely funny. If he doesn’t know anything, he learns them over time.
Receive voice notifications about weather, news, battery status and power levels.
Automatic wallpaper updates
Jarvis can automatically update your home screen wallpaper almost every day while keeping it fresh.
Theme support
Customize the app’s presence by selecting I, Mark II and Mark III themes.
Device control
Control your phone settings like Flash, WiFi etc.
Folk reminders
A kind of reminder that lets you link reminders to your contacts so that when you make a phone call or reminder.
Media playback
Play media by name, album, artist. Change the list, play or pause.
Bluetooth support Beta
If your device is running Jellybean or higher, you can use your Bluetooth headset to control Jarvis, play media on it, and more. This feature is still in beta so don’t worry if some bugs pop up.
General Search
Ask Jarvis common questions like “Who is the first president of America”, “How many meters per kilometer”, “Convert from 100 cm to inch”
Office hours and night mode
It is always annoying when your phone tells you something when you are in the office or when you are sleeping very well. Jarvis understands this and you are covered with two modes, office mode and quiet time
Contextually aware
Jarvis is contextually aware of the time and settings of the device and he adapts himself based on it when you wake him up.

Easter eggs
Apart from regular work, Jarvis tries his best to entertain you. There are some Easter eggs hidden inside the app, see if you can uncover them.
If you encounter a bug or would like to see a feature implemented, please write to us before giving a negative review.

Privacy No content on your phone leaves the device on any server (except speech recognition).

Please note: “Jarvis – my personal assistant” is in no way related to or authorized by the original character. (Product Code: fd03e2cc6e)

What’s new?

“Hey Jarvis” – The most awaited hot word activation is here (in beta)

– Hot word activation while running the app
– Advanced response system
– Bug fixes

Contact for the following
– Jarvis wear support
– Bluetooth support

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us. Please leave your comments, feedback or bug report [email protected]

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