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Jalra – Carnatic Mridangam – Metronome APK download

Jalra - Carnatic Mridangam - Metronome APK download

Milon, Jalara – Carnatic Mridangam is an application for playing Mridangam on your Android device for Indian classical music, dances or hymns.

This app is the best friend of musician best every student and professional will need it. The purpose of the application is to come up with the musician with the sound of an Indian percussion instrument called Jalra and Mridangam. Once you’ve spent a few days with this app, deciding how to configure and use it will make the app the best solution for music or dance practice and performance. It can also be used for hymns.

The app is very easy to use. It has many advanced features like playlist and bit editor. The design is very intuitive and no training is required to use it.

If you are a student, show this app to your teacher, who should be able to tell you how to use it properly for your practice. This will help you to keep pace with your song. If you are a teacher, teach the app to help your students improve their rhythmic skills.

Detailed support

A very detailed help is available at this link: .com


-> Mridangam and tents all pitch
-> All locks / locks supported (count 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8)
-> Carnatic Music Week (7) Ornamental rhythms are invaluable
-> Displays calculations for visual perception of rhythm
-> Set any tempo of your choice to beat
-> Double tap to guess / judge the tempo
-> You do not need to continue the screen while playing, the option to turn on the screen in the background if you wish.
-> Convenient notification to pause / start and bring the app to the front. Works even from Android Wear (see)
-> Create Playlist – ** New ** Features provided, adjust more than 1 style to create a new long loop
-> Create and tweet bits in the bit editor – ** New ** Features provided
-> Save local files to Google Drive as a backup or sync to multiple personal devices – ** New ** Featured
-> Turn on the screen if necessary

Fill in the button

Once the app is playing any style, press the fill button once to play the stable fill variant.

The last button

When playing any type, press the last button and then pause to wait for the app to finish running the active sound.

Show / hide playlist

You can show or hide the playlist with the toggle button. If the playlist is hidden you will get a simple screen of the classic screen to configure the app.

Beat Editor – In-App Purchases

Press and hold any one style to open its bet editor. Each bit is divided into 4 parts with an on / off button for each part. Touch them to switch each part to make this bit a little or off. When you first try to use it, a prompt to purchase the feature will appear. Once you have purchased the feature, you can digitally / tweet the word over the bit editor.


You can add a style to the playlist. When you add a style to a playlist, the active tempo and count will be used for that item.

You have the option to save the playlist as a local file. These waters are internal to the app. These files will not be visible in the File Explorer app. Be careful, these files will be deleted when you uninstall the app!

Sync files to Google Drive – Payment feature

Playlists and new styles are stored in the app’s internal files. These files will be lost if you uninstall or reset the phone. So there is a feature to sync files of applications with Google Drive account as backup. These files will be hidden even in Google Drive. But you can see their existence under Settings -> Application Management -> Water app.

Hide Ads – Features provided

The application shows banner ads. If you want to hide it, you can purchase the No Ads feature by clicking on the “Show or Hide Ads” menu option.

Demo video – Mora

APK download

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