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It is an application for the use of the internal infrared blaster of many modern smartphones – with the long-term goal of supporting most devices and possibly their functionality, including infrared-remote control.

The format of the remotes is made in a very flexible way and can be edited through the full format app and import / export method with code.

Supported devices:
– Using Android 4..4 or higher smartphones or tablets with an infrared blaster / emitter (only if the AIP makers applied correctly, some Sony devices are not supported because they can’t transmit glass codes!)
– Others: Xiaomi Mi4, Cubot X12, Huawei Honor 8
– LG G3, G4, G5 and newer (some older LGEs are not supported because LG API does not support raw code on them)
– Samsung devices with Infrared and Stock-ROM will also work on Android under KitKat.
– HTC devices below 4.4 are also supported but may have problems (contact me if you need assistance)
– Support for Median Lifetab S7852 and S10334 with Infrared and other Lenovo devices.
– If your device has infrared and doesn’t work, please contact additional information so I can check if support can be added.

If you can’t find the device you want to control, send me an e-mail request and I’ll try to add it to the database when I have time. Also feel free to send individual codes to work on your own and to them (LIRC, Pronto Hex, etc.) to make my own research easier and to make the database faster.

Notable features:

– Import LIRC (* .cf, * .conf) and iReplus (* .irplus, * .xML) files.
– In macro mode, buttons can send multiple IR commands with a single click
– Layout and remote control codes can be customized via XML files
– Option to use volume up / volume down hardware buttons to send commands
– Option to imagine the IR code sent for easy code check as on / off graph
– 3 types of widgets (single, 6- and 9-button)

Please note: If you rate this application, please consider it under active development. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact me to help me fix them! 😉


What’s new?

1.9.7: Some bugfixes, coded, ready for Android ‘P’
1.9.6: Added Swedish, some bugfixes
1.9.5: New Features (Lap Only) Only Bluetooth can be used to communicate with Arduino (and HC-05BT module). Arduino will then send the IR codes. Read more: Bluetooth

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