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Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite is an Android application that lets users know exactly what their internet speed is at the moment. It displays the speed of your internet in the status bar and the amount of data used in the notification pane. This helps you control how you use your data plan.

The app also offers one that shows how much internet data one can consume at any given time such as accessing a table. This feature alone is helpful in letting them control how to use their data plan so that they do not reach the limit before the end of the month.

One of the great things about internet speed meters is that it offers last 30 days information so that they can properly manage their monthly data plan as well as the user gets a real-time update. The user can see in this table 3 different results; Data used from user’s cell phone company, data used from any WiFi user and total data used from the previous two. This allows one to know if their home network is working fine and make sure that the user is using the home network instead of their data plan.

Monitor Internet activity

You can easily open the app and monitor your internet activity by checking your connection status. The app lets you reset statistics at any time or hide notifications on the lock screen. Option to show upload and download speeds in individual notifications. You can choose the color of the user interface yourself. Option to choose between blue or white status bar icon. (Below only KitKat and Android version). The option in this app is to show upload and download speeds in individual notifications.

Another great feature of Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite is that users can see the data used in MB at all times in their notification bar. This way check their data cost on one real time device and refrain from using it if they have to save some MB or if they have to connect to any WiFi device if they are not already connected.

Internet speed meter is a great feature of Lite app. It allows you to view data usage for a current day, week, month, or even more than a year. Notifications related to running usage data for both mobile and Wi-Fi networks are displayed in the notification tray. It can be accessed at any time. Save daily traffic usage in notifications. You will not see three results on the table. Data used from your cellphone, data used via WiFi, and two total. There are some apps like internet speed meter light Rocket VPN’s.

Internet Speed ​​Meter Features:

The speed meter feature of the internet is very low as follows.

  • Real-time speed updates in the notification and status bar.
  • On daily use notification bars in traffic.
  • Separate data usage statistics for WiFi and mobile networks.
  • Monitor user data usage in the last 30 days.
  • Battery consumption is light.

As the Internet Speed ​​Meter Pro features, they are as follows.

  • Notifications only pop-up when the user is connected to the Internet.
  • It provides a graph to monitor your internet activity for the last moment.
  • Time for use and current session.
  • Use of current day applications for both WiFi and mobile networks.
  • It provides themes to choose from for the user interface.
  • One can choose from a white or blue status bar.
  • Ability to notify download and upload speeds separately.

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