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InstaVoice provides free and unlimited visual mail, missed call alerts, and voice SMS to keep you connected with your friends while you’re busy, out of coverage, or even after switching off the general user-friendly interface. Instavis Richme is a new-gen voice with data solution, it supports GSM to convert VoIP calls to WiFi / data over calls to accessible numbers.

Do you miss a lot of travel and calls when you are traveling?

Do you want to listen to your voicemails and reply with ease while traveling abroad?

Do you want to receive your voicemail and missed calls in your email?

Do you want to provide your caller with a memorable and unique calling experience with personalized greetings?

Do you have multiple SIMs / numbers and want to handle calls from all numbers?

Do you want to listen to your sent voicemails and withdraw them if necessary?

Do you have a charging problem and the phone stays off most of the time?

With More than 80 billion Managed calls, Instagram connects you to your caller even when you are not around. It makes it extremely easy to manage your calls with voicemails and missed calls.

Not only will you have nonstop connectivity with your callers, but you will also provide them with a unique calling experience, including personal voicemail greetings. You can turn off your call and return to your caller if it is convenient.

Lots of travel and important calls should be missed for people who are unable to handle multiple SIMs / numbers. The InstaVoice application lets you manage visual voicemail, missed calls and voice SMS from all your multiple SIMs / numbers in a single application.

Some more:
Voice Free Visual Voicemail without limiting the number of voicemails received
্রি Free Missed Call Alert – Find out when your phone is switched on or off network coverage.
Multi Link multiple phone numbers: Receive voicemails, missed calls from all your linked numbers locally or internationally and in one application
Set personalized voicemail greetings for your callers
Email Receive your voicemails, miss miss call alerts and voice SMS via email
Withdraw voicemails and messages sent by Sent
Multiple Access your voicemails, voice SMS, missed calls and messages on multiple devices.
Responds to voicemail with instant text, images or voice messages
Send free text, image and voice messages to friends even if they don’t use Instagram
Voicemail Transcription: Read your voicemails now and respond quickly to your callers
Lots of inboxes to store unlimited voicemail and messages.
Ea Richmi allows you to receive calls via WiFi / data, when you can’t reach the network.

Give InstaVoice the freedom to be your personal secretary and handle your voicemails and missed calls with ease.

If there is a charge:
. InstaVoice – Free to use application.
হলে Calls may be charged according to your operator’s charges if forwarded to the voicemail service.
Standard data charges may apply if Wi-Fi is not connected.
Voicemail transcription: 2 credits
Message for non-instavis app users anywhere in the world: 1 credit

Supported countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Burundi, Canada, Congo, Czech, DRC, France, Finland, Gabon, Ghana, Germany, India, Ireland, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Malawi, Mozambique, Mozambique, Mexico, , Portugal, Rwanda, Senegal, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia

We would like to get your feedback and suggestions, please write to us [email protected]

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Please note: If you uninstall the app, disable your voicemail and miss call alert service by following the instructions here: [email protected]

What’s new?

* The new Richmi feature converts incoming GSM calls into a VoIP call, which can be answered by WiFi / data.
* Richme feature is only supported in the following countries:
A) United States, b) UK c) France and d) South Africa
* DTMF input is enabled during VoIP calls.
* Other bug fixes

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