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This application installs the mobile data button in the notification panel so that you can easily turn on / off your mobile data network (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) with just one click.

It is important to be able to switch off mobile data:
* This is very convenient if you want to limit your mobile data traffic and save your phone bills
* Provides you with better privacy: With just one click you can enable mobile data on your phone when you need it and then disable it when you don’t need it anymore. By doing this you ensure better privacy, sending data over the air at any time and turning off your phone when you don’t want to. Don’t let the NSA spy on you!
* Turning off the mobile data network can save your battery life.

With this application (QuickPanel Recovery) the mobile data icon will be added to the notification panel, making it very easy to disable / re-enable your mobile data connection (3G, 4G,…) anytime you want.

This application is:
– Completely free
– Without any ads
– Fully tested, customized and protected and

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