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The inexperienced ninja is quite similar to virtual pets like Talking Tom or Taking Tak, but instead of the user interacting with a talking cat, they will play fun games with the ninja which is really friendly.

This masked hero is going to do a lot of actions like training with different types of devices and playing with friends as well as saying hello to the player. Although the inexperienced ninja is unable to perform most of these activities on his own; The player can interact with the ninja by creating these activities. Players can play the ball with their ninja friend as soon as the ball is thrown at him.

Inexperienced ninja also provides personalization of your ninja friend’s presence. Decorate it with a variety of hoods and belts. These can then be used to unlock various objects such as trampolines or stroller bags.

Features of the inexperienced ninja

  • Train the ninja to learn new tricks as well as special ninja moves. Influence the ninja sense and then you earn more new ninja belts as you search for Kira. Have fun playing with over 70 different unique items like ball guns, chickens, squirrels and trampolines.
  • The inexperienced ninja universe will take your ninja to a whole new place where you can play new games as well as meet new characters and unlock new items as you finish quests.
  • The game offers players to customize their inexperienced ninja which in most cases includes its suit, headband and belt. Players also get the option to capture ninja images while performing crazy stunts.

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