Imerference – 3d Augmented reality chat app APK Download

Imerference - 3d Augmented reality chat app APK Download
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IMarFerence is an advanced technology feature that lets you make immersive conferences and voice calls around the corner of the virtual world. During your connection to iMorphonce, you can combine your decisions with augmented reality (AR), 3D applications, virtual objects, salable sticky and drawings, and holograms (coming soon). Combine real-life conference experience with app-based AR experience to create a virtual platform where up to 32 members from individual locations can come to the same page!
For example, you can create a virtual meeting room or classroom or another virtual reunion with friends that lets you train, train and communicate with new / existing employees / students or a group of friends around the world, or you simply create a virtual environment. Which enables people to travel to the building from a distance. Emergence removes the gaps needed to transform a highly immersive and engaging 3D experience that includes adding 3D characters, furniture and landscapes like notes and objects, and creating a virtual environment on the go.
Communicate the new era of AR conferencing experience and new ways with Emergence. Add sticky notes, play and create videos, draw, draw and doodle images, and connect with virtual worlds that bind the original and additions!
Please watch the video to understand how the app works.
For single player (me only):
For multiplayer (with friends):

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