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Never play iCout before!

Throw away your deck cards, all you need to play the traditional Kuwaiti card game Kout is here and it’s free!

Download iCout now and play online with your friends, create Diwanias (groups) and chat with your Diwaniyas friends.

Compete in seasonal competitions and win big prizes and claim daily iCout prizes and complete constantly changing challenges!

What does it take to be the best iCout player in the world? Download now and head to the top winning competition to win huge prizes!

Introducing the new and exciting iCout! Famous Quote Games Join your friends, family and thousands of players in the new online social gaming experience.

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Game iKout with the latest!

Army Foil and Musk Telephone, this is the game I need to play for the Kuwaiti Leaf Game “Kut” Majana!

Take the game now and play online with your friends!

Proportionate to the cost of citizenship and the size of Joyce’s big, the opportunity and the amount of gifts given daily and the new limitations change with each stage!

Are you better off playing iKout in the world? Carrying the game now and starting to breathe to get to the top center and pay the price!

Diponia Ale Totar and  DiwaniyarLabs

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