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Idle Antique Gym Tycoon: Incremental Odyssey APK Download

Idle Antique Gym Tycoon: Incremental Odyssey APK Download

Create an epic gym city for gladiators, fighters and athletes! Upgrade unique equipment, add new training fields and become the richest tycoon in all of ancient Greece.

Create a variety of incremental training facilities: from jogging and push-ups to archery and horse racing. Increase the number of lockers to attract more fighters.

Lazy Tycoon Features:

Work different workout tools
Reward useful prizes and achievements
Greece Atmosphere of ancient Greece
Od story, based on myths related to Odysseus
Lots of jokes and exciting gameplay
-User-friendly interface

Are you ready for Odyssey? Welcome to the Passive Fitness Gym Tycoon Board!

Start small
With our inactive clicker you will start a humble temporary camp. Upgrade the gym. Add new. Expand the space. And before you realize it – you’ll own the gym of an epic passive workout complex!

Use strategy
Passive Gym Tycoon is a captivating tycoon simulator where you have to manage the gym. Make strategic decisions to build a successful business. Invest in the most profitable tools. And prepare marketing campaigns to bring more visitors to your training camp.

Send heroes to defeat
Raise your heroes in the gym simulator game and prepare them to take part in the global competition. Victory and the tycoons became the most successful among the lazy.

City tour
Unlike many other gym games, our Tycoon Lazy game has a great story. Travel to the ancient world with Odysseus and create training camps in every idle tycoon city …

Take your fitness empire to the next level
Our tycoon simulator is not as easy as other growing games. Try different techniques to create huge lazy fitness camps! Hire new heroes and gladiators to boost your business prestige. Collect research bonuses and hire managers who will collect profits while you are out of the simulator.

Some funny facts about our Tycoon Lazy game:

– One of the writers is a 40-year-old veteran gladiator veteran.
– We became personally acquainted with Heracles while working on the gym game.
– No ancient gods were harmed in the process of making this extended game (Hermes is not being counted, although we have nothing to do with it).
– This gym clicker was designed by Caesar’s personal order.

If you want to play Tycoons games with upgrades, then Idol Antique Gym Tycoon is the best choice for you!

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