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This website source code editor allows you to view the website source code once and then modify it.Features list:
✔️️ View the full page source and edit it
✔️️ List elements like all links and their CSS style etc.
✔️️ Touch to inspect the feature – touch a specific element to see how it is designed internally
✔️️ You can easily search for text at the source of the HTML web page
✔️️ You have the option to share what you findYou can send questions to the app developer or suggest new features!

🔹 Easy to use
Just enter the web address of the website and see the source code of that page.

🔹 Learn HTML and CSS
The app can be used to understand web technologies, you can learn a lot by reading and editing the code of well-designed web pages! The app also supports JavaScript viewing as well.

🔹 See website source code
This app allows you to view HTML source code and CSS styles when you try to see how web pages work internally, check out specific elements, modify them and improve your web page design skills!
Yes this editor and debugger allow you to do this.

🔹 Please note
The changed code on any website will only be stored locally on your device, so it will disappear after the page is refreshed.

Do not use this application to do what you do not have the right to do. The developer is in no way responsive to any errors in this application

In the latest update I have added an option to edit the website live, which I think is extremely useful
This tool is similar to what Mozilla Plugin Firebug offers.
You also have the option to list all specific web elements, such as links or paragraphs, allowing you to easily view web page elements!

If you would like to support the app developer, please purchase the Pro version of this application. If you want to inject JavaScript code, please purchase the Pro feature which has this feature. The premium version is also ad-free.

You can send questions to the app developer or suggest new features!
We also create some graveyards where you can win promotional codes for the pro version of this app.

By installing this application you agree to the following privacy policies:

What’s new?

Introducing HTML / CSS Website Visitor 2.1
* New short design
* Performance improvement
* Bug fix

We’ve also published a Facebook page, please follow us to win the promo code for the pro version of this free app!
You can ask questions there or report bugs!

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