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HSPA + Twitter (3G booster, mobile network stabilization) – Optimal application, Force Support HSPAP (3.75G) for mobile connection using customizable reconnections.

How this application can help:
G In online gaming, minimize ping jumps or minimize freezing.
Improve the quality of voice and video calls, for example Skype 7
Reduce delays in online (streaming) videos on YouTube, and so on
Above all of the above for use on your device via WiFi hotspots on laptops.

Two types of custom reconnection:
Check ping any host.
Certain Download files of a certain size.

Additionally: This application is intended to stabilize the existing 3G H + (HSPAP) connection, I recommend enabling only 3G network in the settings. Some devices do not support the default view and can not reconnect the settings, you can manually when enabling the service directly, select the parameters under which the maximum effect is achieved. Inland advertising can be disabled for free in almost any category, advertising.

Response:This application has been discussed in our VK group: vk.com / Brothers Debate
Alternatively, you can post your own review here, I’ll try to answer it!

Sincerely, Application Developer, Roman.

What’s new?

Version 3.0 Arabic 1:
Application The app takes up half the memory
Load Jasper will no longer be used to load files
▸ Now when testing the pin the first packet will also be loaded with a difference of more than 300mm pins.
▸ The service can now be started automatically after the device boots
Lete is a completely new written application
▸ Now fully supports Android 2.3
The design changes. Various sections have been added
যুক্ত Added Thai translation
Version 3.1 Arabic 1-2:
Fixed bugs

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