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Point your camera at a landmark that you can see on the horizon (e.g. Mountain Peak, Road, Lake, Building, Aircraft) and see:
– Landmark name
– Distance from you
– Height (and related to you)
– Map of surrounding areas
– Nearby towns and cities
– Wikipedia information for any landmark, including the Wikipedia page
– Altitude, destination, flight number, skyrocketing of any commercial aircraft
– Landmark directions (opens on Google Maps)
– Street View where you are pointing (Opens in Google Maps)

Or use 3D map mode:
– See the area and mountains placed in front of you
– Move the phone to move around the map
– Roadmap / Satellite / Hybrid
– Search anywhere in the world and display 3D maps
– Distance, altitude and landmark name
– Marking on hills and mountain peaks
– Infinite scroll

Horizon Explorer works worldwide, but works best on a hilltop with endless views around you. If automatic tracking doesn’t work very well, you can use your fingers to draw the horizon line with the camera. Or try whistling your phone around in the air in Figure 8, then press “Align using compass” to calibrate the compass.

Live Aircraft: Enable Aircraft from the Settings menu, then indicate the aircraft number, source, destination, altitude, and current commercial airline for any commercial airline you see.

If you are in a tall building, or otherwise not standing on the ground, enable “tall building mode” and set your height alt alphabetically using the slider.

Horizon Explorer shows the names of mountains and hill tops, lakes or forests, street names and surnames, and many buildings.

Wikipedia information will appear in any Wikipedia article to determine a position with the article.

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