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Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery APK Download

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery APK Download

Do you enjoy hunting for hidden objects, solving mysteries, finding hidden treasures and playing puzzle games? Do you have eyes to find hidden clues? Work your brain and find your quest and skills! Discover all the secrets that this trendy game contains and enjoy some time from the puzzle while decorating the hotel. Hidden hotels, addictive hidden object search Join the mobile game and start the mysterious adventure! Hidden hotel players are so in love with this brilliant storyline that they just can’t put it down!

Look like Pro

The Hidden Hotel game is different from other brain games like Match 3 Puzzle! Here, you can see the hidden things hidden in a photo. Sounds like a detective from addictive novels. Activate your sense of observation to find mysterious clues in the Hidden Hotel Mobile game. Solve challenging puzzles, search for hidden items, unlock hidden cells and complete exciting quests. Find the little clues and solve the great mystery!

Detailed mind

The difficulty increases as you search for new hidden objects in each hidden mystery scene. Tap and open the door to find the things hidden behind them. Pull the screen to one side and open the boxes to reveal what is hidden there. It’s not easy, but you can do it! Get the highest score for each hidden scene, no matter how complicated! Hidden hotels are about brain stimulation and addiction fun!

Take advantage of boosters

Use search tools when stuck. Boosters help find hidden objects faster and speed up progress! Lanterns highlight hidden objects. The clock gives some extra time. Keys will open 3 items in the location. Radars show each item of the scene for one second.

Try all search modes

The Secret Hotel has a variety of mysterious secret object search and search modes: word search, cobweb, silhouette, reverse word, and coins. To make things even more exciting, we update our content with brand new purses so you can always find fun puzzle levels! Pay attention to all the hidden clues, and perhaps the hidden hotel will reveal its privacy!

Come inside and find out

Scenes of artistically hidden objects objectively created in the old palace will give you a chance to relax! The hidden hotel is full of interesting objects and attractive settings. Look for and find fruits and delicious sweets in the kitchen, postcards, magnets and statues, flowers, sunglasses or jewelry in souvenir shops in the actress’s hotel apartments.

Give it a try

The unique design of the hidden object scene offers some flavor for the hidden object hunting industry. Due to the impressive colorlessness and detailed quiet environment, this relaxing game attracts players of all ages. Addiction search and search images arouse curiosity and keep your attention for a long time. Searching for the secret hotel takes hours to explore the mysterious rooms. Feel like the protagonist of the adventure story and dive into the virtual world of Hidden Hotel!

Enjoy the benefits

Hidden hotel games help you develop eyes for details, sharp memories and good logical skills. Try your concentration when searching for fun secrets. This addictive game is beneficial for the whole family and players of all ages. Avoid boredom and free yourself from the stress of daily life. Test for your quest and look for skills and keep your brain well-trained!

A mixture of hidden object game and hotel renovation
Red is an incredible cinematic story
Designable interior
● Beautiful characters
Daily bonus

Are you ready to start your search for the trendy Hidden Object game? Prove that you have the ability to search and search! Mystery games and adventures await you! Immerse yourself in the world of hidden objects! Hidden objects will not stay hidden for long with your talent in the task! Popular Detective Search and Find Mobile Games Hidden Hotels Join Now! And recommend this game to your friends!

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