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Android devices have always been designed to work, even without you using them! Hibernation Manager helps you save battery when you don’t use your device. When the screen is turned off, it hibernates your processor (CPU), settings and even applications to save your battery power.

CPU hibernation (For original users)
CPU hibernation automatically sets the CPU (processor) to the lowest possible frequency and voltage which ensures huge battery storage.
The CPU “brain of your device” constantly counts many demanding tasks. For example: updating widgets, checking for software updates, etc. This is why it is necessary to reduce the CPU frequency when the screen is off.

Settings hibernation
When your screen is turned on and when your screen is turned on, the settings are automatically disabled (hibernated).
If you hate changing your settings frequently or you want to save more battery, this option is right for you. It is better to enable hibernation for all settings, as this mode will only hibernate automatically in active settings.
You can apply hibernation settings to: WiFi, Mobile Data (APN), Bluetooth (BT)

Application Hibernation
Any battery-draining applications will be disabled (hibernated) while the screen is off.
Some of your installed applications are performing some battery drainage work on a regular background. For example: Social app updates your status and checks for new messages. If you hibernate this application, it shuts down all work in the background (services) which causes extreme battery storage. Hibernation is more effective than the task killer or any other memory cleaner.

Battery widget
The Battery Widget lets you control the Hibernation Manager right from your home screen.

Warning: Disable specific hibernation and restart the specific application if you have problems with some hibernated applications.

What’s new?

2.3 – Optimized for Android .0.0 Nougat

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