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Hi, we are Dan, Jonas, Trevor, Hello Weather Back Crew. There are over a million weather apps out there, all filled with ugly ads, misleading interfaces and silly jokes. We think it smells bad, so we created the antidote – a simple, non-foul application that is a pleasure to use.

Here are five reasons why you might plan your day with hello weather …

1. All the information you need is right in your mouth.
Our gorgeous, information-rich design shows you the important things on a simple screen. You will instantly see the current situation and forecast for the future.

2. You don’t waste time looking at useless things.
Hello Weather wisely adapts to the changed situation. When it is stormy, you will see all the relevant details directly. When conditions improve, they all go out very well again.

3. You will get predictions that you can trust.
Hello Weather is more than a beautiful face. It is powered by the best data sources in the world: Dark Sky, Aquaweider, Climsell, The Weather Company and Erisother. Pick the best supplier in your area or switch back and forth to compare. (Upgrade required.)

4. You don’t have to be a weather expert.
What is meant by barometric pressure? Shishirpanji good or bad? We have translated those mysterious statistics into human words, so that you know how it feels outside.

5. It makes you laugh.
We’ve filled the app with lots of thoughtful little touches to brighten up your day. Filled you’ll love the beautiful color themes, automatic night mode and sweet secret extras.

And that’s not all …

Built right into that radar.
When a storm is a brune ‘, we’ve got you back! Our powerful radar tab shows you exactly what’s going on your way. (Available in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia)

Notifications and a widget.
Who wants to open an app to check the weather? Turn on notifications and get forecast information delivered to you. Or add the Hello Weather widget to your home screen for instant attention to the current situation.

Made with a small indie company.
We pour a lot of love into our application and we take great care of our customers. We always stay away from just one email or tweet.

Free features:
No ads or fakes!
• Simple and easy to read forecasts.
Color Automatic color themes (cool, warm, hot) and dark mode.
Limited limited locations
Ark powered by Dark Sky.
• Customization of weather units with simultaneous Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.

Upgrade to our Pro features and you’ll get:
• Radar (United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia only)
• More data sources: Dark Sky, Ecuador, Erisweather, Climate Sale or The Weather Company.
Air quality and pollen data (only available with specific data sources available)
Id Widget: See your current situation and five day forecast at a glance.
Ififications Notifications: See uninterrupted notifications or get a weather report every morning.
Real-time rainfall forecast
Hourly forecasts for customization and smart bonuses with additional details for perceptions such as rainfall rate, wind, UV, visibility and temperature per hour
Theme control
• Other secret things!

Another thing!
We are proud to have a strong and transparent privacy policy. We will never track you, sell ads, collect data or do anything like that.

For complete information, please check our Privacy Details and Terms of Service:

Hello Weather Thank you so much for trying! We hope you like it.

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