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Heavy Truck Simulator is a game where players need to find several trucks to drive along the 3D highway. When driving on highways, drive a variety of vehicles very carefully and arrive at the destination on time.


After the player gets their first truck, they have to drive their truck to a loading center to hook up with one of the trailers there. When they have completed this first action, their cargo must be loaded onto their truck and then the loaded cargo must reach its destination. To control their truck, the player can select them from the gyroscope of their device or from the arrows on their screen. You’ll also see a variety of buttons to change player gears, adjust trailers, or turn on their lights. Also, join a game club using your Facebook Or Twitter account.

The game’s screen tops will also display a map of their route that each truck has to follow in order to reach its destination. The player also needs to be aware of the ship’s raw materials because if they hit the road, the quality of the goods on the ship will be greatly reduced. After a player completes the distribution, they receive a prize that will allow the player to choose a new truck.

Features of Heavy Truck Simulator:

Here are some of the many features of a heavy truck simulator.

  • Players can play in stunning Brazilian locations on a variety of trucks from old to new in great traffic. The game offers realistic gameplay as lots of potholes and dirt roads filled with alleys bring fun.
  • The game has day and night in more realities like features.
  • Many cities in the game are based on Brazil’s location with fuel stations.

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