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HeadHunters io APK download

HeadHunters io APK download

Be careful! Brutus in Warpath! Headhunters IO is a mobile battle royale where only the last person standing can win. Fight with other players in multiplayer mode and prove ownership in the end!

The living butchers of all time have come together to prove who is the deadliest! Pirates on one foot, cowboys from the wild west, wise kings, cunning ninjas and even Satan himself can’t wait to bring each other down. Choose your hero and try not to die!

Why would you like Headhunters io:

+ 10+ harmful weapons including swords, knives and axes. Choose your own fighting style!
+ 15+ unique characters. Play as a Knight or Viking, and check out all the skins!
Ple multiple game modes: Death Match and Battle Royale. Where will it burn?
🗡 Quick, fun fight: level up your skills and climb the rating board
Game Great gameplay and lots of maps
Easy, intuitive control
🗡 Online and offline PVP battles

Not enough Io games and battle royals available? Headhunters Io is for you! Play and survive!

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