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Gyro Compass app for Android Look north with your mobile gyroscope sensor app. This is a high precision and extremely beautiful digital compass for Android to find north and south directions when you are traveling in cities and countries. Don’t lose your way and have a happy journey! This is 3D Compass for Android – Free My Smart Compass app for Android is a perfect compass for detecting and navigating in the right north direction. Quick and accurate instructions for travelers, travelers, visitors, hiking, driving, boating and flying using your phone’s magnetic headings, application compass is a digital compass, البوصلة, compass rose.

How to use Compass for True North from Android
> To use this gyro compass app, you need to have a compass sensor or gyro sensor or magnetometer sensor for your Android phone
> Keep the device away from metal objects, equipment and high magnetic fields to avoid false results.
> Keep your phone parallel to the ground and turn to the red arrow you want to define.
> Android Compass will display on-screen directions and degrees.
> You can use the Compass Free app to find the right results.
> Navigator for driving: Navigate to your destination via magnetic north waypoints.

> To use this application, your device must have a compass sensor for Android phones.
> The accuracy of the compass depends entirely on the sensors on your device! If this compass points in the wrong direction, you need to calibrate your sensors.
> If you encounter a magnetic northward error, calibrate your phone by waving the device 8, two or three times in Figure 8.
> Do not use Comp / Gyro Compass application with magnetic cover.

Compass for Android: A smart compass app for Android is a free app needed for your Android phones and tablets. It’s a professional compass in your pocket, when you need it where you need it and when you don’t know when it can be effective. The digital compass app shows north, south, east and west directions, shows degrees in the side window, has a rotated bezel for advanced compass navigation.

Useful features of Compass app for Android:
Use the free compass to navigate, find maps and addresses
Direction True title and magnetic title for directional search
• Magnetic and true answers are found, the app takes care of the change automatically
Magnetic: Display magnetic force
Ope solder level meter
The Omp compass is easy to use, use it like a real compass
Az Azimuth Compass Space Needle Professional Vintage Compass Design
Numbers are large numbers and large rotating bezels
Just use it like a real compass
No Get directions without any voice navigation
K Track your path and speed with odometer with this compass
Accurately reach your destination with speed and cover your distance in the right direction
Ib Qibla Compass: It can be used as Qibla explorer to find Qibla directions

A compass can be used for your outdoor activities like traveling, picnic, camping, hiking or boating. There are many Compass apps on the market but most of them work just fine in the US but less accurately in Australia and Asia. Our Geo Compass Plus app can work perfectly all over the world.

You must know about these symptoms:
N north direction, my compass arrow can always find it
S south direction, the compass says it
E East direction
W west side
NE Northeast
SE south-east direction
SW south-west direction
NW Northwest

Standard compass mode:
This is your regular Compass 360 which shows the correct answer using magnetic sensors from Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, Kimbobile, Vivo, Sony, Oppo, Motorola, Nokia etc. GPS navigation and orientation purposes GPS for cars and bikes Shows directions on Google Maps based on built-in magnetic sensor with speedometer.

What’s new?

– Updated and fixed version.
– Added more device support.
– Fixes some crashes on some devices.
– Thanks for your feedback

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